42' Monk 42 1953 - $49,000 







Beautiful Classic in Excellent Condition!


Have you ever dreamed of having a beautiful classic yacht? If so, April Annis the boat for you. Her owner is a true craftsman who has spared nothing in the restoration of this incredible boat. She was built by Cummings of Tacoma in 1953 to the exacting design and plans provided Ed Monk Sr. Every detail was painstakingly attended to, so much so that her recent survey showed very minor issues (Survey Available to qualified buyers).


April Ann Is kept in a boathouse at the Bremerton Yacht Club. The boathouse is available for sale for $25,000. It will require that the new owners join the Bremerton Yacht Club.


CONSTRUCTION Hull Planking: Western red cedar planking, 7/8” thick, glued wedge seam construction above the waterline, conventional caulked seams below the waterline. Frames: Painted White Oak, steam bent, 1 ¼” x 1 ¾” on 9” centers. Plank Fastenings: Galvanized steel boat nails. Keel bolts: ½” galvanized steel. Stem: Painted hardwood. Keel: Douglas fir, sided 3 ½” externally. Keel Shoe: Ironbark or equal, ¾” x 3 1/2”. Engine Bed Stringers: Four (4), appear to be Doug fir, painted. Floor Timbers: Painted, ¾” marine plywood. Longitudinals: Painted, appear to be Douglas fir, approx. 1 ¼” x 2 ¼”, 3 per side. Transom and Transom Frame: Varnished Honduras mahogany marine plywood transom with painted White framing. Bulkheads: Marine plywood. Exterior Decks and cabin Tops: Fiberglass sheathing laid with epoxy resin over 3/8” marine plywood. Cabin Sides and Exterior Trim: Varnished Honduras mahogany.


EXTERIOR HULL Propellers: Two (2) Bronze 3-blade, 18 RH 16 and 18 LH 16. Spare props are located onboard. Propulsion Shafts: Two (2) 1 ½” dia. stainless steel alloy. Struts: Cast bronze pedestal struts, one (1) per shaft. Bearings: Rubber cutlass bearings in each strut. Showed minimal wear. Rudders: Two (2) spade, cast bronze. Stem Band: Bronze half round. Name & Homeport: Engraved chromed plaques port and stbd on house sides. Name and homeport on transom. Transducers: Single, port side, two (2) stbd side. Bottom Painted: 9/17. Color Hull Painted: Above waterline – white; Below waterline – black; Boot stripe – turquoise. Guards: Varnished Honduras mahogany. - Lower: Approx. 22’ with stainless steel chafe strip from transom forward. - Upper: Stainless steel chafe strip along vessel’s sheer. Spray Rails: Port and stbd at the bow, painted hardwood each approx. 16’ long. Through-hull Penetrations/Sea Valves: All through hull fittings below the waterline are bronze. Sea valves are bronze ball valves and gate valves. Wet Exhaust Penetrations: Two (2) exhaust fittings at the transom with external silencers supported from the swim platform, one port and one stbd. Shaft Logs: Bronze casting with flex hose and conventional packing glands. Anodes: All of the anodes were replaced during the January 2020 haul-out. - (2) Pairs of rudder disks, one pair per rudder. - (4) Collar zincs, two per shaft.


DECK EQUIPMENT/ARRANGEMENT Anchor Windlass: Ideal, 12V DC with capstan. Anchors: - Main: Plow type, 45 lb. housed in a custom, stainless steel anchor roller with 250’ of 3/8” galvanized chain. Anchor shackle is safety wired. - Spare: Danforth, approx. 18 lb. with 20’ of 5/16” galvanized chain and 100’ of 5/8” nylon rode. Anchor was stored off the vessel at the time of the survey. Moorings Cleats: - (1) Bronze cleat integral to the anchor windlass with open chocks, 1 port, 1 stbd. - (1) Chrome bitt on centerline aft of the anchor windlass. - (2) Stainless steel 10” cleats fwd of midship, 1- port, 1- stbd. - (2) Stainless steel 10” cleats at the stern, 1- port, 1- stbd. Hand Rails: - Stainless steel handrails on the flying bridge sundeck. - Varnished Honduras mahogany cap rails combined with chrome plated stanchions around the cockpit. - Varnished Honduras mahogany grab rails atop the main cabin. - Varnished Honduras mahogany railing on the swim platform for tender access/egress. Mast: Varnished Honduras mahogany with a single spreader and stainless steel struts. Escape Hatch: Single, approx. 14 ¾” x 19 ¼” (clear opening) forward on centerline of the foredeck. Ventilation: - Natural draft through openings, ports and cowl vents (3 Chrome cowl vents per side deck). - Two (2) 12V axial blowers, one in the tank space, one in the engine compartment. Tender: 1993 Achilles RIB, 10’ 3” in length with a 1993 Mercury 9.9 hp 2-stroke outboard motor. WA State Reg. is WN 0488 RC, expires 6/20. Swim Platform: Fiberglassed marine plywood, approx. 1 ½” thick supported by two (2) cast bronze and three (3) welded stainless steel brackets. The swim platform is fitted with Snap Davits. Other: Two (2) 50’ 3-strand nylon lines with spliced eyes for transiting the Gov’t Locks.

NAVIGATION/ELECTRONICS Magnetic Compasses: - Lower helm station: Kelvin White with 3 ½” card. - Upper helm station: Danforth Corsair with 3” card. Radar: Furuno model 1712 at lower helm station. Autopilot: Wesmar model AP 800 with remote at upper helm station. Reported to be not functioning correctly. Rudder Angle Indicator: Raritan Engineering “Ruddermaster” at upper helm station. Reported to be not functioning correctly. Plotter: Not so equipped. GPS: Garmin 120 GPS at both helm stations. VHF Radios: Standard Horizon Intrepid LE with DSC at both helm stations. 7 Loud Hailer: Raytheon model Ray 430 at upper helm station. AIS: Not so equipped. Depthsounders: - Lower Helm Station: Coastal Navigator, model 606L analog flasher. - Upper Helm Station: Bottomline Tournament 1101 digital sounder. Horn: Integral to loud hailer and hand held disposable air horn. Nav. Lights: Running: 4 Anchor: 1 Steering: Manual mechanical, chain to rod with 30” (lower helm) and 24” (upper helm) ships wheels. Windshield Wipers: Three (3) 12V electric at lower helm station. Single manual wiper at the upper helm station. Spotlight: Manual, 12V with controls in deckhead above lower helm station. Other: Coastal Navigator navigation software, Region 15 and Canadian charts; Numerous paper charts onboard.


PROPULSION *Engines: Twin, gasoline Chrysler 318 cu. in. V-8 engines each rated at 220 hp. Engine Hours: Port – 1,763.7; Stbd – 1,826.1. On Hobbs meters. Attached units: - Belt driven 12V approx. 55 amp alternators on each engine. - Single 12V, 160 amp double belt driven Leece Neville alternator on the stbd engine. Marine Transmissions: Paragon vee-drives. Transmission Label Plate Info: - Port; 6C 5011 PV33L Z7869L. - Stbd: 6C I57 PV33R Z7869R. Engine Instruments: Instrument clusters at both helm stations for each engine with gauges for rpm’s, coolant temp, oil pressure and volts. Engine Controls: Morse single lever cable for each engine at both helm stations. Cooling: Raw water through bronze sea strainers and engine mounted heat exchangers. Starting: 12V battery. . Engine Start/Stop: Key start/stop. Exhaust: Wet exiting through the transom. Engine Compartment Ventilation: Natural draft through openings and a single 12V axial blower. Pans or Pans Under Engines: Yes, both under each engine. Alarms: Not so equipped. Condition of Bilge: Near dry, clean. Other: Spares include; (1) 160 amp alternator; (1) spare 55 amp (approx.) alternator; (1) engine cooling water pump; (1) engine raw water pump. *Both engines have received “long block” rebuilds, the port engine approx. 1,300 hours ago and the stbd engine approx. 700 hours ago.


ELECTRICAL AC System: 120V, 30 amp. Shore Power: Smart Plug 30 amp shore power receptacle (port side) along with a 50’ heavy duty shore power cable. An additional 50’shore power cable is stowed onboard. Galvanic Isolator: Not sighted. AC Main Panel: Weems & Plath 125V AC panel with a single pole 30 amp main breaker, reverse polarity indicator and labeled breakers for branch circuits. GFCI Protection: Yes. DC System: 12 Volt. Distribution Panel: Nova 12V master panel by Bass Products Inc. equipped with a main breaker, volt meter with battery bank test switch and labeled breakers for branch circuits. Batteries: All batteries were secured in covered battery boxes. - Main Engine Starting: Two (2) 12V Costco wet cell batteries. - House Bank: Six (6) 6V Interstate wet cell batteries. Battery Selection/Isolation: Three (3) vapor tight, rotary switches located in the galley. Alternators: One (1) 12V 55 amp per engine plus One (1) 12V 160 amp on the stbd engine. Battery Charger: West Marine 12V, 20 amp smart charger with a West Marine model WC20 monitor/control panel adjacent to the AC panel. Inverter: 400 watt inverter with back-up unit used for nav program laptop. Wiring: Newer installation, marine grade. GFCI Outlets: Yes. Circuit Protection: Breakers and fuses. Other: Xantrex Link 10 battery monitor.


AUXILIARY SYSTEMS/EQUIPMENT Bilge Evacuation System: Four (4) 12V bilge pumps with automatic float switches. Tested good. - Rule 1000 in the fwd bilge. - Rule 1500 in the tank space. - Rule 1000 in the galley bilge. - Rule 1500 in the engine compartment. Cabin Heat: - Dickinson diesel fired Newport cabin heater located in the main cabin with a 20 gallon stainless steel diesel tank in the fore peak. A labeled deck fill is located on the fore deck. - One (1) Red Dot forced air hydronic heater in the galley supplied with hot jacket water from the stbd propulsion engine. - Electric space heaters while in the boathouse. Fresh Water System: Pressure demand with a 12V diaphragm pressure pump, inline filter, Flotec accumulator tank and a single stainless steel water tank. Hot water heater is a Seaward stainless steel 6 gallon unit having engine jacket water assist. A labeled deck fill is located on the stbd side deck. Total fresh water capacity is reported to be 150 gallons. 9 Galley Equipment: - Summit 4-burner LPG stove, battery ignition, no pilot light. - Built-in 9 cu. ft. refrigerator/freezer with an Adler Barbour compressor. - Large stainless steel double sink with pressure water fixture. - Stainless steel counter top with integral backsplash. - 2.2 cu.ft. freezer by Unique on the flying bridge. LPG or electric powered. - Large cooler located on the flying bridge. Fuel System: Gasoline with two (2) stainless steel tanks located one port (140 gal.) and one stbd (230 gal.) in the tank space. Each fitted with shut-off valves and vented to atmosphere. The main engines are equipped with NAPA fuel filters. Fuel lines/fittings are steel, bronze and USCG approved fuel hose. Tanks and fills are grounded. The labeled deck fills are located on the port and stbd side decks. Total fuel capacity is 370 gallons. Marine Sanitation System: Non-compliant Wilcox-Crittenden manual toilet in the fwd head (secured in US waters). The aft head has a Sealand “Traveler” manual toilet with integral holding tank. The aft system is equipped with a “Y” valve and labeled pump-out deck fitting. A spare “Y” valve is stowed onboard. Holding tank capacity is 9 gallons. Other: Shower in aft head has a drop-down SS shower pan connected to a sump with Rule overboard discharge pump with manual switch; Magnum rail mounted SS BBQ; Spare LPG cylinder in cockpit; Port and stbd docking lights; Honda model EU 2000 “suitcase generator; 22” LCD TV with HD antenna; Teac AM/FM/CD player with speakers; Scotty electric pot puller and battery for use in the tender; Misc. shrimp pots and a manual downrigger.


SAFETY/COMPLIANCE Personal Floatation Devices: - (6) Adult Type III. - (1) Type IV Throwable Device, 20” life ring. - (3) Type IV Throwable cushions. Visual Distress Signals: Four handheld red flares (expire on 7/20). Sound Signaling Devices: - 7” chrome bell. - Loud hailer. - Expendable air horn. High Water Bilge Alarm: Not sighted. First Aid Kit and Manual: Yes. Carbon Monoxide Sensor/Alarm: Yes Smoke Detector: Yes. Gasoline Fume Detector/Alarm: Not sighted. Carburetor Spark Arrestors: Yes. LPG Locker: Yes, ABYC compliant. LPG Control/Alarm Panel: Yes. Xintex model S-2 with sniffer below the galley stove. LPG Solenoid Valve: Yes. Copy of Nav Rules: Yes. Oil Pollution and Garbage Disposal Placards: Yes, both. Carbon Monoxide Warning Placard: Yes.


FIRE PROTECTION Portable Fire Extinguishers: Generally appeared good. However, service dates had expired. - B-I, 2.5 lb. Dry Chemical in the main cabin. - B-I, 5 lb. Dry Chemical in the galley. Fixed Fire Extinguisher: A CO2 cylinder (approx. 80 lb.) protects the tank space, galley and the engine compartment. It’s mounted in the tank space with a pull station at the lower helm and an automatic release sensor in the engine compartment. No service tag sighted.


April Ann List of Equipment


  • Standard Horizon Intrepid “DSC” VHF (both stations)

  • Garmin 120 GPS (both stations)

  • Coastal Navigator DS 606L flasher type Depth Sounder (lower station)

  • Furuno Mod. 1712 Radar with RDP 134 Display Unit (lower Station)

  • Westmar Auto Pilot Mod AP 800 (lower sta.; remote on FB, not fully functional)

  • CO Sniffer (portable) Xintex CMD-2M Marine

  • Kelvin – White 6” Constellation Compass (Lower Sta)

  • Dickenson Newporter Diesel fireplace (20 gal SS tank in forepeak)

  • 400 watt inverter with spare

  • Wilcox Crittendon SeaClo Marine head located fwd.

  • Search light at Lower Sta.

  • 3 elec. Wipers, 2 speed, self parking at Lower Sta.

  • Manual wiper (Upper Sta)

  • Traveller Head by Sealand with 9 gal holding tank, hand pump and “Y” valve located aft.

  • Morse single lever shift/throttle controls both stations.

  • Bottomline Tournament 1101, 0 – 200' digital sounder (Upper Sta.).

  • Raytheon Ray 430 Loudhaler with auto fog horn (Upper Sta).

  • Danforth 4” compass (Upper Sta).

  • Ruddermaster rudder pos. ind. By Raritan Engineering (Upper Sta. non functional, fixable).

  • 2.2 cu ft. three way freezer by Unique on FB.

  • Magma SS rectangular BBQ with custom holder/table.

  • Spare fluke anchor, 20 ft. chain and 100 ft rode.

  • Spare set “get home props.

  • 160 Amp Lease Neville large frame, double sheeve cruising Alt with spare.

  • Spare engine alternator.

  • Spare engine water pump.

  • Spare raw water pump.

  • Honda EU2000 portable generator.

  • Built in CO2 fire fighting system with ER sensor.

  • Coastal Navigator electronic navigation software with Region 15 and Canadian charts (provide own laptop).

  • 12 channel USB GPS and software for laptop